Become a wecarer

The weCare Initiative for Africa (weCare Africa) is a movement which has been created to inspire a generation committed to using education as a tool of empowerment for children in rural communities in order to help them become catalysts for the sustainable end of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. We are interested in working with partners who share our passion and are deeply committed to the eradication of poverty.

As a weCare Africa partner, you will be able to directly invest in an on-going education project or to partner with us on a future project. The reward for our partners is the fulfilling joy that results from being able invest your resources in a cause that makes the future brighter for disadvantaged children and being part of a legacy that future generations will be proud of. Our partners become part of a global family of weCarers.

Partner with Us

Individuals and Groups

There are various ways you can make a difference as an individual or group of individuals. You can put your donation toward one of our current projects to make a direct impact in that community or you can donate your professional skills, services or expertise in support of our projects, virtually or in person. Student organizations such Engineers Without Borders may also partner with us on future projects. Other groups of individuals such as religious groups, sororities or sport teams may partner with us by fundraising to support our projects and cause.


We are interested in results-driven partnership with both private and public foundations who share our vision of a poverty-free Africa. We believe that by collaborating with other foundations, our impact will stretch further and faster.

Corporate Partnerships

We are looking to partner with corporations who wish to join our mission and those who seek to reaffirm their commitment towards their corporate social responsibilities. We are open to both short-term opportunities where corporations can sponsor an on-going project or long-term partnership which include strategic approaches such as:

  • Corporate philanthropy through cash and in-kind contributions
  • Employee-giving/matching programs
  • Sponsorship of weCare Africa fundraising events
  • Support of policy & advocacy for child rights
  • Support of emergency appeals

To discuss how you can partner with the weCare Initiative for Africa, please contact Aniekeme Umoh at

Your support of our mission will ensure that children in underserved villages get a chance at a quality education that will prepare them for future employment opportunities.